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Prose before Hoes [entries|friends|calendar]
Prose Before Hoes

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Untitled (part one) [28 Aug 2008|10:40pm]

Someone recently told me to write what I know. Well, I'd heard it before, but this was the first time that I decided to heed it. So here is the result (kinda). I know it's weird, but any critique would be appreciated. under hereCollapse )

Well, my hands are cramping, so that's enough for now.
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[29 May 2008|06:59pm]

Oh hia

I feel dumb for posting this, because in my opinion Vampire and werewolf stories are ridiculous no matter how serious you try to write them. And I combined both.
But nothing risked, nothing gained.

Oh, on a last note, if there are any stray his, he's, ect. That's because I later converted it to first person. Yeah yeah, still new to this whole writing/revision thing.

Halfmoon1Collapse )
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Recap of the thing I could've posted here but decided not to. This makes it sound so much better, no joke.

Chimera: wtf I'm supposed to be in hell what do you want.
Dragon: 8D8 lol im ded nao
Chimera: That's nice. What do you want.
Dragon: ilu :c *crai*
Chimera: WHAT
Dragon: yeah.
Chimera: Well am I the only person who thinks this is suddenly out of character?
Dragon: u giev me feelings. so you're an ass. but-- like--- look! I'm dead now. it's taken a while to get a hold on these things--
Chimera: No way buddy, it's been a gazillion years and you're a dick and you hate me and Griffin kicked my ass so g'bye *hell'd*
Dragon: NOOOOO
Chimera: lol. Figure yourself out.
Chimera: what, what.
Chimera: yeah k
Dragon: stop it :c
Chimera: you were all up in my business like, "o u so bad, o u such a meanie" so wtfgives
Dragon: but don't you remember :c that time :c in the city :c :c :C 8C
Chimera: Keke. Yeah.
Dragon: so it's not like it should come as any surprise...?
Chimera: But you're Draaaaaaa~aaagon~ you don't haaaave feelings, 'cause you're all 'LOVE IS ICKY' and 'SEX = COOTIES'. lame.
Dragon: :c you give me feelings. And that sucks for me. I hope you know that. Like, my brain? Shot. Yeah. Thanks a bunch.
Chimera: I have that affect on people ;y~
Dragon: Well it sucks :c but now you know.
Chimera: I think I've waited a little too long for you to finally come to terms with that, as nice as it is to hear it-- I'VE BEEN CHAINED UP IN FUCKING HELL FOR LIKE EIGHTY BAJILLION YEARS
Dragon: D8
Chimera: AHA!
Dragon: WHAT?!
Chimera: Then there's no possible way you could have feeeheeeeeeelllllings for me.
Dragon: well I do even if I don't want to so deal with it. You don't have to care. I'm just letting you know. Catharsis. Whatever.
Chimera: ... so like did I kill the kid that became Teh Jesas or something?
Dragon: Yeah. Thank you for being Judas. XD I'M HORRIBLE
Chimera: Well that's kind of overwhelming uhwow. Well how about my brother?
Dragon: He's alright. They live together.
Chimera: fagets?
Dragon: uhno.
Chimera: lol
Dragon: 8cccc
Chimera: what :c
Dragon: *paws*
Chimera: look it's not going to work, we're in different places. you're in Void, I'm in Hell. With your darling little brother~~~~~
Dragon: oh god griffin don't drop the soap CHIMMY 8c
Chimera: I'm prettay sure you already know how i feel about you, considering alltheshitwe'vebeenthrough.
Dragon: I'm sorry I don't understand, I thought you had been trying to KILL ME
Chimera: don't be an ass. You know I love you.
Dragon: 8c...?
Chimera: seriously, it's kind of obvious.
Dragon: well i figured, but...
Chimera: You know what happens now?
Dragon: what?
Chimera: kissu.
Dragon: c8 o mai
Chimera: man, you hurt me so good ;c
Dragon: aw D:! c'mon bb its okkkk
Chimera: We can't really be together though. You're a ghost. I'm like, Lucifer food.
Dragon: WTF
Chimera: lol lucifer food. You heard me.
Dragon: I always miss you :c
Chimera: smilesmile, now you know how I feel.
Dragon: !!!1 *CRAI*
Chimera: g2g, hell calling.
Dragon: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffff ;_______________;
Chimera: No big thing. Ein Sof doesn't like me, lolduh and with Setsuna behind it he doesn't want me kicking around here for long. So yeah.
Dragon: but... But look, I'm here, I--
Chimera: We have different fates. Ghosts and... shitheads, whatever I am lol
Dragon: fuck :c
Chimera: ;D Not todaaaay, sorry cutie.
Dragon: um rite. Anyway uh see you around I guess ;c *HEARTBREAK*
Chimera: I'm sorry.
Dragon: Don't be. I am. I let these things happen to us.
Chimera: Eh.
Dragon: but I'll put in a good word for you.
Chimera: heh. thanks.
Dragon: so... eh... I'll see you later D:?
Chimera: ff
Dragon: I can't just leave off like this.
Chimera: That's why you ended up in Void.
Dragon: eh?
Chimera: because you constantly think you can go around trying to fix things. and now you've fucked yourself over for like eternity. gud jeorb genius. See how long it takes for you to freak out.
Dragon: i'm already freaking out 8[
Chimera: I'm sorry :/ *hug*
Dragon: it's okay, just, jesus christ now i feel even shittier. i thought this was supposed to be freeing.
Chimera: Be FREE then! You don't have to hang around for my sake, GO! GO! Do what you think you have to do but I'm not going to let myself make you miserable.

... and then i just kept cracking up. srry XD

[06 Apr 2008|09:44pm]

(Already posted, but deleted-- dunno how many people saw it.)

   They laid together on the ledge by the window, Basilisk leaning over Lethlana, kissing her forcefully, his hands snaking up her dress.  Her thin frame pressed against his, she was quiet, obedient, eyes shut tightly.  Her hands played with his hair, occasionally gripping his back.

   Basilisk pulled away, still leaning over her, and he cupped her face in his hands before kissing her gently on the forhead.  Lethlana tried to smile, but Basilisk's face was like stone, and her attempts would have gone unnoticed anyway.  His fingers trailed down her neck, winding and circling over her skin.  Before Lethlana could protest, his fingers had encircled her neck just under her chin.  She opened her eyes, looking up, shocked, but soon her expression softened.


  He crushed her throat with his lily-white hands, his teeth clenched tight, alabaster tendons surrounding her pale neck.  Lethlana didn't bother struggling, just stared calmly up into Basilisk's face, her arms by her sides.  They were both silent, looking at each other, the only thing breaking the quiet was the sound of warm rain outside in Aterheilm.  The candles burned low and the smell of spice and wet grass spun through the air.

   "Why aren't you struggling," Basilisk hissed.  Lethlana didn't bother to answer.  The man squeezed tighter, and Lethlana choked out,

   "To make you happy."


   He finally took his hands away, and turned from her, and Lethlana coughed, unmoving, closing her eyes.  She turned onto her side and sat up, looking at Basilisk's back.  She wiped the sweat from her face and slid up next to him.  He looked at her out of the corner of his eye and then away, down at his hands.  She wrapped her arms around him, but he stayed motionless. 

   "Basi," she whispered, "I'm sorry."

   Basilisk still said nothing, and Lethlana leaned her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes against the folds of his shirt.


   "Did... did Loki say what's to happen with Dragon and Griffin," Basilisk asked.

   "He'll take care of them," Lethlana answered.

   "And their Ts'aal forms..."

   "You have nothing to worry about."
   "What a waste," Basilisk muttered.  "To give that power to a pair of worthless brats.  To carry on these... abilities.  Such a waste," he said, shaking his head sadly.  Lethlana held onto him tighter, gently smoothing his rough grey hair with her lithe fingers. 

   "But now you have someone to carry on your name," Lethlana said.  Basilisk snorted.

   "My name," he scoffed, "they'll forget my name and everything that went along with it.  And so they should.  Did you see Dragon's face, when his wings unfolded, that look of suffering... how weak.  If they were my children, they would be strong, unfaltering."

   "They are your children!" Lethlana said, taking her arms from him.  "They're just young!  Of course they were scared!"

   "They shouldn't have been!" Basilisk roared, standing up.  "You wouldn't understand, your blood is thin, your lineage means nothing to the history of Aterheilm.  You gave them your frailty!" he yelled.  Lethlana watched him, troubled eyes seeking out his in the dim light.  Basilisk eyed her for a moment before turning and descending the stairs to the door, flinging it open, marching out to the rain.  Lethlana watched him go, afraid to go after him.  She turned away from the door.  Slowly she reached her arms up around her shoulders, folding over onto her knees, hair falling over her face as she pressed her forehead to the floor, hopelessly, helplessly, praying that her sons would be able to find solace elsewhere.

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postmortemetc. [06 Apr 2008|09:35pm]


   I was sick of white.  White was a hopeful colour, and yet the way they used it, in their hollow spaces between things that had yet to be raveled, it was the most empty, cold colour one could ever imagine.  It was absence.  Absence of everything.  And in the midst of all that emptiness, all that void, that searing, yet unseen light, was the black shape of a hunched-over Setsuna.  His head was bent low behind his knees, arms wrapped around his legs, just there, just beyond me, still and quiet.


   I walked to him.  And the desperation that pushed me forward would’ve nearly had me collapsing before I reached him if only I had let it.  When I was finally next to him, breath fast and hard even though this place didn’t adhere to logic— I set my hand on his taught shoulder, letting him know I was there.


   In an instant, he looked up, and it doesn’t take more than a glance to know that someone’s been broken.


   “Why are you here?” he asked.

   “Do you even need to ask?”

   “I don’t… You don’t need to be here, you didn’t need to come.  I’m fine.  Everything’s fine now,” he said calmly.  “Everything is fine now.”
   “You can still be ein sof.  My…  Lethlana became ein sof as she died— and so on.  I’m sure it’s not a problem… I’m sure they would respect your wishes.”
   “But he was right,” Setsuna said, looking down.  “It is easier not to be.  It’s freeing.  I don’t have it anymore.  I don’t want it anymore.”

   “If it was a problem, why didn’t you talk to me about it…?” I asked, the sinking feeling in my chest getting lower and lower.  “I… I’m always around, you could’ve…”

   “It wasn’t a problem.  I was happy.  I had everything I wanted…  But at the same time, I knew that with one idle thought, I’d create some sort of horrible butterfly effect.  I’m the biggest hypocrite… I didn’t for a moment even pause to see how he felt, and if I had, maybe I could’ve changed this!” he exclaimed, grabbing a fistful of his hair and hiding his head behind his knees again.  I frowned slightly, and sat down on the nothing-everything around us.


   “People have free will.  It’s what makes them do things.  You have free will.  Wyvern has free will.  I unfortunately have free will.  Just because it’s your position to govern the living doesn’t mean that they weren’t born with the ability to go against you… or your order, or whatever it is.  I know anyone would tell you this.  I know it’s not necessarily going to help.  But it’s not your fault.”

   “I know, I know… I just… it makes no sense.  I wanted to do something right.  I wanted to make him happy.  But he was never happy.”
   “Why didn’t you fight back?” I asked.

   Setsuna was quiet.

   “You could’ve.  And this wouldn’t have happened.  You’re stronger than him.”
   “I…” Setsuna started, but didn’t finish.  I sighed, knew there was nothing to sugarcoat my questions.

   “Did you want to be free of it?  I’m not going to judge you one way or another.  Wanting to be rid of something and wanting to die are two different things.”
   “I wanted him to be happy,” Setsuna said.  “I wanted him to be satisfied with himself.  No.  That can’t be the only reason, but I… I don’t know, Dragon, I don’t know, and it’s terrible.  It’s horrible.  I don’t want to leave yet.”

   “I don’t know how to help you,” I said reluctantly.  Setsuna nodded.  “Trust me, if I knew what to do, knew how to do it, I would see to it that you were still there.  But the gods don’t like me.  And I doubt that they could save you again.”
   “What’s going to happen to me?” he asked.  I shook my head.

   “I don’t know.  Maybe you’ll end up like me.”  That’d suck.


   “Yeah, wandering.”

   “So you’re not bound to anything.  There’s…” he held out his hands, “Hell, Nithelheilm, and the demonic plain.  But you,” he said, looking up, “you just… you aren’t confined to anything?”
   Involuntarily, I broke into a grin.

   “I can wander.  But I can’t do anything.  That’s worse than being chained up in Hell.”  

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Just an FYI [13 Jun 2007|02:15pm]

Okay. This is _dancemacabre_, just wanted to let you know that I changed journals and finally made myself change mod status. So... yeah.
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Oh. Right. Ahahaha. ha. [03 Jun 2007|11:23pm]

SO I FIGURED I SHOULD POST HERE. y'know. Not a lurker, and all.

I'm writing a children's book. Here's the beginning. Kife it, and I'll shank you.

The uncertain Muffin

Once upon a time in a little bakery far away,
There was a young muffin, fresh and warm from the oven.
He was a special muffin who was sugary sweet and had just the right amount of fluffy.
He had no raisins, nor chocolate chips.
And his muffin top was smooth, like the marble countertop on which the baker rolled his dough.

That's all I have so far. XD;;
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[22 Mar 2007|10:18pm]

Only was in one place prior to this, so, I think it's cool to be posted here. Written for someone, of course, as nothing this deep could come without inspiration.

It's the first look at a person you know you want to get to know better. It's the deep-seeded shockwave that leaves you stranded and helpless and floating. It's spending time with that person and learning more and more about them, so you can play into their quirks, make them smile, remember something that they mentioned they liked and show up one day with it. It's making mistakes, and fixing them with words or a smile or a silence, a gentle taciturnity. It's spending days, months, years with that person in quiet reverie. It's wanting to make that person understand how much you love them... It's realising that you don't have to tell them, that if you tried, there would be no word to describe how you felt. It's loving that person not as a man or a woman, but a kindred spirit, a shared soul. It's realising that this person is going to stay there and love you despite whatever terrible things you feel you may have done in the past. It's a whisper as you cry into their shoulder. It's a whisper as they cry into yours.

It's a confession, but so much more than that. It's never spoken, it wouldn't have to be. It's its own law, its own force, chaos and beauty. It's insanity, and it's serenity.

It's pages and pages of pictures and writing that you treasure above other material things, above money, above pesky glances and conversations in the hallway as everyone, remaining unknowing of this, mocks and assumes at your heels. It's coming home and throwing yourself on your bed because you just can't figure out how you're supposed to stand next to someone so incredible. It's your knees shaking as you try to say something, and can't, and brush it off as "Just nothing", or "I don't know", or "Never mind". It's laying on rocks under frigid stars. It's fingers entwined over bad memories. It's balancing on a log while you laugh at everything. It's rolling down the hill and brushing debris off your back.

It's crumbling those pages within weak fingers. It's writing down dark thoughts on paper and burning them. It's hiding away. It's being pulled out into the open, naked and blind. It's a rupture in the fabric you've worn so tightly. It's pulling thread through tatters, pulling open the drapes.

It's wondering if what you feel is real, or if this is only a test. It's being brokenhearted. It's mending that wound.

It's remembering. It's forgetting. It's paranoia. It's comfort. It's sleep. It's awake.

It's convincing yourself that you're lucky, that you deserve to feel this way. It's a joke or a phrase that would mean nothing to anyone else, and it's the experience surrounding the joke or the phrase. It's music, resonating with a thought or an emotion. It's a forboding note, it's the rain to escape to, it's a letter, it's a smile, it's a sob, it's a wish to retain the ease that is so hard to find anymore...

It's screaming at yourself, trying to forget the bad things.
It's watching the bad things fade. It's watching them spike up again. It's a gaping hole. It's a bandage.

It's a misunderstanding.

It's a certain sweet clarity.

It's betrayal.

It's forgiveness.

It's a thirst, and a quench, of something one can't rightly place. It's a thirst you never knew you had, and a fulfillment you never thought you'd receive.
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[10 Mar 2007|07:35pm]

Should this even go here? o__o

Just an exerpt, or, somethingCollapse )
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A beginning. [09 Mar 2007|07:46pm]

An AU (alternate universe) story taking place in a very wintery Siberia. I get weird ideas sometimes... they just need to go down on paper. Or Word Processor, as the case may be.

I want to do much, much more of this, but... we'll see.  I have so many projects going, it's not even funny.  Seriously...
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not a poem, just an expression of laziness [02 Mar 2007|07:03pm]

frostlaceCollapse )

Dragon and Dobki, perhaps.
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TERODAXLK [01 Mar 2007|06:03pm]

So, there was a pointless beginning, a useless middle, and an abrupt end. And a TERODAXLK.

IT'S EPIC. REALLY.Collapse )
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something unfinished [22 Feb 2007|10:25pm]

graveyard shiftCollapse )

It's always them, isn't it? Jesus. Thank god this headworld is over.
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Was looking through the files...... [21 Feb 2007|08:47pm]

Random shit.

yes, thatCollapse )

Oh god, there's a zillion things laying around on here. Post, get.
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hot chocolate [06 Feb 2007|08:07pm]

Just want some editing on this. Thanks.

the plotless wonderCollapse )
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meeting the dude [01 Feb 2007|05:17pm]

Um. Yeah. I... yeah hi. Nothing to say. My characters are redundant.

...Collapse )

And repeat themselves.
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Dragon's impeccable parenting skills in action [30 Jan 2007|02:10pm]

this is from fucking forever ago, never finished it. Which is AWFUL, considering... what it is. MAYBE I CAN FINISH IT UP LIKE, SOONISH, SO IT'LL BE........... oh hell damn yeees. Or not. Cuz I'm incompetent. Ahaha.

The title's out of context. S'okay.

Not A Yiddish FolktaleCollapse )

And, yeah, there is more to this, but it kinda leaves off on mid-sentence. omfg I need to finish this so bad.
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was over at 3o2. [18 Jan 2007|07:01pm]

preface to a wakeCollapse )

I'm always wondering just what happened before "Wakeless". I know Setsuna did something, but, neither of them are very much willing to convey it to me. It's like, I think I know, I mean, I should know, but the fine details aren't really there.

Dragon makes me sad. :/
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Let's Play A Game, Mine Childes [12 Jan 2007|06:45pm]

OhohHO. *creepy laugh*Collapse )
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OOC? How dare you jest. [06 Jan 2007|11:30am]

I feel bad posting this, but in some ways, it's a true work of art.

P A I N K A Y KCollapse )
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